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"If you like something, feel free to express your love for it, in a right way of course."

Most people like something but they're too shy to express their love for it. If you like something, feel free to express your love for it, in a right way of course. You don't wanna get posted on sites like STOMP, there's nothing wrong with doing stuffs expressing your love for something like Music, or even Kamen Rider

By experience, doing something like 'singing' to a song makes you enjoy the song to the fullest. Personally whenever I walk home from Custom Workz or vice-versa, I 'sing' to the songs that are in my Motorola Milestone XT720 playing as I skim through the streets, it's much more enjoyable then just listening to em. 

You don't have to 'sing' to the songs if you don't want to, tapping your feet while slightly nodding your head against the music is enough to express your love for it. I tend to 'sing' alongside my songs because it's also like a voice training for reviews if you ask me.

If you're the type that wants to go out as a character from an Anime or a Kamen Rider/Tokusatsu Series out on the streets, go ahead, you don't have to wait for anime or cosplay events. People(like Singaporeans) who tend to look at anyone that's cosplaying as 'weird' are just the type that doesn't accept things, ignore em. 

If you ask me I would don a NEVER[Kamen Rider Double(W)] Jacket(if I have it) and go out wearing it, it's not a crime to do stuffs like that, you don't see people getting thrown in jail for that right? 

So far the most I've done expressing my love for Kamen Riders is wearing a Kamen Rider Knight wristband, wearing the same attire as Sakurai Yuuto, hanging a Windscale hat by my jeans/cargo pants, spray painting one of my old bags to FangJoker's color scheme and takin' all of em out on the streets. 

You know what I say to people who despises Kamen Riders? "I'm a Kamen Rider Fan and I'm proud to be one, what are YOU proud of?"

If I had the cash I would love to get myself a rubber Kamen Rider Den-O Super Climax Form or a Kamen Rider DiEnd suit and wearing that whenever I go out. If only I had the cash.....

All I'm saying that it takes guts to do something like expressing your love for something, but the question is:
"Do you have the guts to express your love for something you like without caring what others think?"

Remember, if you like something, feel free to express your love for it, in a right way of course.

This is SasukeKenzan signing out -ATTACK RIDE: INVISIBLE!-

~My Life, My Story~
Boku no Jinsei, Boku no Monogatari
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