Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Am I back? Am I really back 'back'?

Hey, what's up guys-who-didn't-know-that-I-had-a-YouTube-Channel?

First off, I'm sorry I hadn't been paying attention to you Bloggie, I know I shouldn't cheat, but I felt more secure with Tubie... She offered me something that you couldn't... My... Bad...

And... we're back!

So after a couple of months of broadcasting from YouTube and working on Visual FX, Reviews and just finishing up on some projects today, I am now typing in my living room, while listening/semi-watching old school Tom & Jerry, this not-so humble post to update you guys as well.

So, for starters, you might have noticed that the header banner has been changed, the layout has shrunk from the middle blog posts and those clogged up left and right sidebars to just the left sidebar and the advertisements have been yanked out.

Reason is that I wanted and change of place and since Amazon and Google are total d-bags at paying people, I just thought: What the hey? Just pull those mother lovers' adverts out, they don't pay me. It also keeps everything neat :3

The new banner was also a part of a latest photo shoot I had with Jon [*ahem* Custom Workz's boss or Oyasan, as we like to call him] for the NEVER Jacket project (which is now part of my slideshow wallpapers thanks to my clone) and featuring the 1/1 Scale Eternal Edge that's been launched and they are on sale riiight now! (Link!) I so should tell Jon to rename 'Never' to NEVER, though it's weird typing 'NEVER' as 'NEVER' >.<ll

Nothin' like a Necro-Over member standing in the midst of chaos and destruction.

Wait a second, is that Godzilla tearing up Singapore? AWESOME!!!
Like I've said, over the last few weeks I've also been doing a couple of Visual FX compositing, though not as fancy as the big guns, but they're still cool. Though hater reverse thumbs-up them. [Yes, I did say 'reverse thumbs up', basically thumbing down(disliking) a video is still the same as thumbing up(liking) a video, haters don't know sh*t.] You can find some of them accompanying some of the latest belt mod and weapon reviews as well as a promo for STGCC (Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention 2011) and random videos with em in it at my YouTube Channel, if you didn't know I had one:  (I swear, I'm getting tired of having to click on that "Link" button whenever I paste a link... just like o' forums...)

Random Video One - Futuristic Air Hockey!

Random Video Two - CS Toys International - Item #39394 for SasukeKenzan
(Hey that's me!!)

Random Video Three - Tripod Tasers are Effing Dangerous

NEVER-Hanyi will hug you and be there for you in your worst nightmares, fending off beasts of the night.

I also did a special Star Carrier Vlog, the first of it's kind for mah viewers and peeps recently:

So all those catching up stuffs aside, the big Q is... am I really back to blogging? Well I'll try to blog again, since it was pretty nice typing on me Alien lappy again for this blog post and I'm still huntin' for a jobbapooloza on the Liony City. If you don't see me here, I'm probably over at my YouTube Channel. If you don't see me over at there, I'm probably sleeping and out to snappy me some pictures of kitties, more in a future blog post... sometime in the future... :3

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Thanks for reading and I'll see you guys in my next post.
This is SasukeKenzan signing out.

Denpa Henkan! SasukeKenzan, On Air!

~My Life, My Story~
Boku no Jinsei, Boku no Monogatari

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