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AFA11 & SG Culture Japan Night Meetup 2011

[Updated with photos, thanks for your time, Kentaro Ryuuji~!]

Wowee, a couple of days went by, so did AFA11 [Anime Festival Asia 2011] and Danny Choo's Singapore Culture Japan Night Meetup 2011.

First up, just my few thoughts on AFA11-

First mistake: Arriving there after have of the events were gone on day 1.
Second mistake: Buying the 18 bucks ticket for the Festival + Stage access (>.<ll)

Tip for future AFA goers - Be there around the opening time or before the stage events start (in this year's case, 10 am).

(Not really) the same as always. You've got your average Naruto and Hatsune Miku cosplayers and your above average cosplayers with their true to life cosplays and amazing details.

If I recall, my peep, Geoffrey told me of this Ayane (Dead or Alive) cosplayer which was totally hawt! Just gimme sometime to blackmail... I mean, get the photo that he took of her :3

There were the wooden sword replica booths (which I saw earlier in STGCC 2011 [Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention]) selling same o'katanas, Bleach swords and the Buster Blade.

Crowd was really tight like last year, but everyone were still able to breathe in it. Once again I missed out on the 'I Love Anisong' concert, which costs 148 bucks for VIP and 48 bucks for standing VIP and 366 bucks for all three days. Heard it was da bomb! Next year... next year... just 361 days more...

It was only after this event that I finally woke up and I was like: "Dude, you need to seriously watch more animes, though it'll risk you getting broke faster than this year." Maybe after a whole anime marathon I'll enjoy the Festival even more than this year.

In the end I spent 14 bucks on Dunch [Mix of Dinner and Lunch, I didn't had no lunch.], 15 bucks on the Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer package (consisting of a 3D poster of the movie, a square pillow, a Setsuna F. Seiei/Gundam 00 Quanta square pillow cover and a XXS A Wakening of the Trailblazer T-Shirt [I'm actually a size S >.<ll])

...and I skipped day 2, which was a sunday, to save some moolah for the after party, which was Danny Choo's Culture Japan Night Meetup 2011, and thank god I did...

And now, today, just a couple hours before I arrived home and started on this blog post *rewinds*-

Usually for events and meetups like this I hardly carry any bags or camcorder with me, because I just wanna enjoy it to the fullest without worries of my baggies being thrashed. Maybe I'll buy a side pouch for my extra goodies, aside from my cargo pants :3

For the first few hours, I actually had second thoughts of going to a meetup where there's only one person whom I know and I'm going for, and that the rest of em were total strangers and had a case of butterflies flappin' in my stomach >.<ll

My comrade, Darwin, couldn't join me for the first half of my time at the AKB48 Cafe @*SCAPE, where the meetup was held.

For the first hour I was just overwhelmed by the amount of people there, though I already knew that over 200 comrades signed up for the meetup and it would be like 'a mini AFA11' (a part of my tweet to Danny) in the cafe. Then it was just awkward silence for me since I hardly knew anyone there, till a comrade of a comrade, Kentaro Ryuuji, found me and I was finally able to talk to someone (:3)

I then went deeper into the cafe, where there were comrades on the left playing Super Street Fighter, sittin' in the middle playing TCGs, on the right taking photos of Danny's and their figures and dolls and even deeper inside next to the bar were comrades hanging out and chillin'.

I made a whole lot of comrades who liked the same stuff, be it Tokusatsu or Anime related. Some of the comrades whom I made were Fabrice from fabricerequin.com, Tuea Chun from Ani-Culture.net and Linus, a cool graphics designer.

One thing that Danny and I had in common - The top of our hairstyles.

Halfway throughout my time there there was a signing session with Danny, where I gotten two signed Mirai Suenaga Weiss Schwarz cards from him. One for Darwin, one for me. After which I told him I'd catch up with him later, much later, to prevent the rest from waiting. And I did caught up with him.

Danny doing on of the things he's best at: Ninja Signing Skills

Near the end there was also a mini Super Street Fighter Tournament between Danny and a couple of the comrades. The winners would get a Cardfight!! Vanguard promo deck and the ones who tried would get cake in their faces, nah I'm just joking. The ones who tried would get kidnapped by Danny and were sent to Japan, better? :P

Mirai guards Danny as he gives a speech.

Darwin was able to join me before the shop's security (Just the girls with brooms, katanas and AK47s) had to clear the cafe and we moved upstairs, to the fourth floor, where we had one last Q & A, some mingling time and a photo session.

[From left to right]
Comrade Darwin, Danny and Yours Truly

After the rest had their chances to speak with Danny, I borrowed Linus' McBook Pro(Did I say McBook? MacBook* :P) and I showed him what I did for the past few months and his reply? Send him my contacts later. Through this I also double confirmed that Danny is a fan of the Kamen Rider series :3

The Singapore Culture Japan Night was really enjoyable, comrades made comrades and we all could spend some time with Danny before our memories remind us of the day Monday, 14th of November 2011 until we see him again in 2012 next year.

Now after a whole day of Danny-craziness, I'm now on my sofa, typing the last of this blog post while awaiting a reply from someone more than a friend, an inspiration, not just to me, but for everyone who has been to the network that is www.dannychoo.com. Something that I learned from Danny - Without taking risks, you'll never know what might happen.

One of these things does not belong, can you tell which one?

As I end, I say good morning and good night to everyone who read this post. Thank you and see you guys around!


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