Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Backup Complete! [+BONUS] - Kamen Rider OOO(Ozu) - 'Adult' OOO(Ozu) Driver Review

My take on Jon's Kamen Rider OOO(Ozu) - 'Adult' OOO(Ozu) Driver or 'Complete Selection' (looking) Belt. 

Plus a BONUS Kamen Rider OOO(Ozu) Henshin FX [Version Zero] that I did in a day just for the re-upload, since I didn't had the chance to work with Adobe After Effects last year, it's not the exact same FX as the show but hey, it's still cool, it worked for Jon and it's better than just me standing there. Enjoy!

Check out Custom Workz at: http://www.Custom-Workz-Charoensap.com/

Check out the post on this modification at: http://www.custom-workz-charoensap.com/2010/10/customization-of-bandai-dx-masked-rider.html

Comment: Shiny belt and Medals = For the Win!!!


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