Sunday, April 10, 2011

THIS IS DX!!!!!!!!!!

A lil' DX Parody Video that I filmed and started working on for the past few days, it's totally DX B#tches! I think I might just start doing more of these...

*Ahem!* So if you're wondering what's up with the whole 'DX' thing, it started off with Jedimon saying 'DX Mobirates' instead of 'Mobirates' in his review, which was printed on the box.

The stuff from Super Sentai Series don't have 'DX' printed in front unlike the stuff from Kamen Rider Series. Zeronxepher and DJkidna was just correcting him on it and from there it exploded and then cooled down, now we 'asshole' reviewers are even more of an ass with DX shitz coming from us almost everyday.

These DX shitz came from my Twitter and FaceBook pages and were from the past few days:

"I so need to get one shaver that's DX, the shit that I've got right now is just not DX, even tries to kill me. Shitz not DX b#tches."

"I ended up throwing my phone at the wall, friggin' low battery life and glitchy alarm clock. Smart phone my ass, shitz not DX B#tches!"

So with the understanding of the DX issue, I bring to you: THIS IS DX!!!!!!!!!!

Get your #TotallyDX hastag today! Use the #TotallyDX hashtag if you're cool. Only cool people use the #TotallyDX hashtag...

*Sasuke's Tipz - Click on the video player again to redirect to the video page and select your preferred quality in either 240p, 360p, 480p or even 720p! That'll be five bucks for this tip.


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