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Sticky Ramune Candy Monday

After getting some sweet treats from the girls in class, me and my friend decided to pay a visit to Central, the huge building at Clark Quay which is also 15 minutes away from China Square Central, the home of toy shops. Not to mention due to the morning rain I had my purple hoodie with me so what the heck, let's go!!! 

Guilt: I haven't been to Central for decades since my last purchase in 2009 >.<ll

Getting there by the Train gives you another central sign :3
We went to a shop called 'Yamakawa Super'(although it was our 2nd destination, I wanna talk 'bout it first since it's my favorite place to find sweet treats straight from Japan. Not to mention this is what I came for :3). It's a mini mart of some sort, selling candies, drinks, ready-made pancakes and curry (curry!), although those are just like a few of the many things being sold there, including lots of flavors of Pocky :3

...annnnnnnddddddd the famous Ramune Candy!!!!! :3
These babies are soda candies that you find in Candy Toys and such, that slowly melts in your mouth. You can also munch on them, releasing bursts of Ramune goodness into your mouth :3
Ramune Army... Charrrgggeee!!!
In one corner one can find the candy toy section, the following display is just one of the few feature, also because I saw the Gundams and I wanted to share them with you :3

The Gundams belong to a Candy toy lineup called: "RING OF MEISTERS" which is a pretty badass line since the Gundams have special effect parts included with em other than the Gundams themselves. It also looks like they've got articulation for all your posing needs.

Gundam 00 Qan[T]/Quanta
Gundam Zabanya
Gundam Harute
Raphael Gundam had fell over, making picture taking impossible. Talk about a Fallen Angel, Ouh! XD

Each 'RING OF MEISTERS' goes for $15 SGD, dammit I wished I had 15 bucks lying around T_T

The star candy place: Sticky! A brand of traditionally made rock candy and based on the original lollipops. They... taste... awesome!!! The best part? The designs in the middle of the candies aren't from coloring or paint, they come from the kneading and making process, turning every Sticky Candy into pieces of art you can eat... :3

But you've really gotta have control over what you eat, if not $2.90 SGD is gonna go down your stomach once you buy it and you're gonna gain weight from the sugar.

It took me a few months to finish half of my first Sticky Candy, Grape Rock that I got from Universal Studios Theme park Singapore. Totally not guilty of having a sweet tooth XD

Hmm your very own pack of 4kg customized Rock Candy for $200?
I wonder if I can get 'Custom Workz' Rock Candies Made... *grins*

*Drools at the lollipops* Lollipops... Lolipops... Lolis... Lolis...
The Rock Candies are spread out in a wiiiiiide variety of Flavors. You can see them just by walking by :3

The best part? They show you how they make the Rock Candies!!! No tickets required, they do it in front of everyone who walks by!!! They were making Grape Rock to replenish for the stocks, so the next time I go I might see them making some other flavors!

That huge lump is gonna turn into thousands of thousands of Grape Rock Sticky Candy later, just you wait.
I have NEVER seen so many sticky candies in my entire life!
You guys should see how fast the guy in the middle was cutting the Stickies,
looking at him cutting the Stickies in high-speed would be AWESOME!!!
After that we went to an awesome food joint (Which, unfortunately my phone died halfway by then, so no pictures, Gomen T_T "Gahhh!!! I so need a friggin' DSLR Camera for my trips") where I got a couple of beers, sushi and saw epic food. Pa~ra~dise~ :3

So the sugary filled haul for today, and maybe the week since I went broke buying all these:

Sticky Ramune Candy Monday Haul:

-Sticky Watermelon Rock Candy x1
-Sticky Banana Rock Candy x1
-Sticky Scooby Rock Candy x1

-Ramune Candy x4

-A&W Diet Root Beer x1
-Dr Pepper x1
-Bundaberg Ginger Beer x2

What? I haven't had a stable supply of Ramune Candy in years and I can *munch* control *munch* what I *munch* eat. *munch* *munch* *munch*

Just to prove how long these guys can last in my hands, I've got a progress chart of what I've finished from the haul, updated daily. Just you wait.

-18th April 2011-
-Finished a Bundaberg Ginger Beer
-Opened the first bottle of Ramune Candy
-Finished a can of Heineken Beer, wait a minute, that's not what I bought...

-19th April 2011
-Finished a can of A&W Diet Root Beer

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