Monday, April 18, 2011

Caramel Anyone? First Try at Caramel Fruits - Unsuccessful, First Try at Caramel Art - Successful ^_^

So today I had some free time, a Tefal Frying Pan to test and ten tonnes of sugar lying around... I gathered them up and did something for the first time...

[Just for a lil Caramel Service for my peeps and readers, 
click play and scroll down, the characters tend to freak you out O.O...]

I'm sure that anyone who reads my blog has heard of Caramel Apple right? The food plan this time was to make one :3

I took a couple spoonfuls of sugar for a test drive and it worked! The sugars started to caramelize and bingo, I got it, so I took a couple more of em and poured em in for more sweet treats. Unfortunately there wasn't any apples lying around so I took a pear, shoved a chopstick(yes, a chopstick) in it, poured the caramel into a small bowl and dipped the entire pear into it. The result...

Looks like Pear-Kun got himself trapped in a sticky situation :3
Pear-Kun: "Help! I'm stuck! And it burns!"
For a moment of awaiting the sweet treat my mind shut off for a minute and forgot that the caramel would harden the colder it got and the pear got stuck. Hey it's sweet treats I'm talking 'bout here, who can think when they've got sugar filled treats in front of them? >.<ll

Caramel: "Gravity my *beep!*. In my world, I pwn YOU!"
...and THAT'S why you keep it nice and semi-hot, so that you wouldn't be lifted up and get trapped in a sticky situation :3

So after a minute in the microwave the caramel gave way and Pear-Kun was freed... making the caramel pear unsuccessful and instead, I found I had a 'hidden' artistic talent, after eating away one-third of the caramel:

I call it: 'The Splash':

So... to sum it up:

First Try at Caramel Fruits - Unsuccessful.

First Try at Caramel Art - Successful.

Tefal's Frying Pan is Totally DX because it's Non-Stick.

The Spoon is not DX because it ain't Non-Stick B#tches.

Making Caramel is easy but it's also easy to get the caramel charred if left on without stirring.

I got nothing else to type in this blog post except: "Get your #TotallyDX hastag today! Use the #TotallyDX hashtag if you're cool. Only cool people use the #TotallyDX hashtag..."

That's it, ciao~! D.J Kenzan, out!


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