Thursday, April 21, 2011

Backup Complete! - 12 inch Michael Keaton 1989 Batman Custom Figure Review

The Backup is strong with this one... wait whoa whoa wrong show!!! >.<ll

Presenting one of Jon's favorite character and most sought-after Batman figure... THE 1989 Micheal Keaton Batman!

Jon did do a video of it before, but it wasn't very pleasing to the eye(Jon, if I offended you you may write me back).

So this video was a 'Version Up!' of his 1989 Batman Figure review, and was one of my most really huge and really unexpected Reviews done, so for you all Batman fans out there... enjoy the show...

Once again, because I don't know sh-*beep!* about stuff like these, all questions relating to this dude goes to Jon at:

Also if you see this video on customheroes' Channel, it's Jon ^_^

Check out Custom Workz @:

Check out Jon's post on this figure @:

Check out Jon's other Batman Workz!

12 inch Michael Keaton Batman Returns Custom Figure:

12 inch Val Kilmer Batman Forever Custom Figure:

1/2 Scale Michael Keaton 1989 Batman Resin Bust:

Comment: For all you Batman Fans out there, enjoy and keep on rocking!

DJ Kenzan, out!


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