Sunday, February 6, 2011

S.H.Figuarts Eternal, Sunglasses, and Movies!

Woke up today with my nightmare still alive, swollen eyes due to a medicine allergy which started with a flu since yesterday, Yeowch!

When the clock hit 2pm, Jonathan Chen sent me a message forcing me to bring my butt over to headquarters even though I had my swollen eye, since Arthur(KaizerAxl), Jerald, Jeremy and Terry(KyraZero) were all headin' there. So I had no choice but to sacrifice some of my Ang Bao (Red Packet) money that I got over Day Zero(one) and Day one(two) of Chinese New Year to get myself a new pair of sunglasses (which I fell in love with at first sight) to hide my awkward looking eyes and making me look like someone from Turbo(no not Power Rangers Turbo, Turbo the Movie) but it was all in vain.

Without the glasses on, I get peeks from other people. With the glasses on, I get suspicious glances from other people. God dammit I don't know how the usual Singaporeans think.
 Oh and just for reference so that I won't forget:
"Jonathan Chen owes me sixteen bucks"

See what I mean?

 In the writing of this post, I took some (well not really) time to work on the picture that I took, turning it into this:
Three things that're true: my GamerTag IS SasukeKenzan, you can watch the movie at and I do kick butt, I'm not just a reviewer :P

You can check out the movie at either YouTube: or the official website at: . One short but awesome movie that deserves a full film adaptation or even a sequel.

Either way shortly after my arrival at headquarters AKA Custom Workz, the rest of the guys arrived and we all partied and drank till we couldn't drink no more...
By the way: Custom Workz has been redesigned for the new year!
Well not really. Kaizer, Jerald and Zero came from their after-Payday-shopping-spree and spent literally all of their Red Packet Money they got (cept for Zero, but he still spent the rest at Custom Workz). I actually wanted to drop by China Square Central, the hub for collectors to get some stuff with my 'pay' *grins*, but NG's Collection was closed due to the Celebrations *cries in one corner*.

One of the stuffs that Kaizer got was the S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Eternal! One Rider which was added to my favorite Riders seeing how badass he looks. I took the chance to pose him and snap "some" shots since I was there:

"Saraba da... Kako no Kamen Rider!"
(Farewell... Kamen Rider of the Past)

"Saraba da... Zako no Kamen Rider!"
(Farewell... Small Fish Kamen Rider)
[Whatever works for you ^_^]
Eternal, meet Oyasan ^_^
"Sekai wa NEVER no mono da!"
(The World belongs to NEVER!"

An out-of-the-box experience...
After just a short while, the clock hit 6pm and it was time to say goodbye to everyone as we went our separate ways. I still had to go back home wearing the awesome but suspicious-glance-attracting sunglasses... T_T

Now I'm looking at and have been looking at ever since I go back home... a sneak peek *grins*

Along with watching and have been rewatching ever since I got back home:

 Next up: Paranormal Activity 2... help me... *double clicks on the file*

*'Turbo' the Movie, 'Cats & Dogs The Revenge of Kitty Galore', '2 Fast 2 Furious', 'The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift', 'G-Force' and 'Kick Ass' titles and screenshots belong to their respective owners, not me.

Tomorrow might be the day of the next Back-up after a few weeks of hiatus, so keep a lookout for it!

Oh and before I sign off for today, even though it's late, a a very Happy New Year(Nyaa) to all of you guys out there~!
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