Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nerf LongStrike CS-6 Unboxing and Review

So I recently gotten a hold of the Nerf LongStrike CS-6 Blaster, after a long (and I do mean LONG) hiatus state from Nerf no Sekai, I wanted to try out a new way of presenting an Unboxing without all the blabbering from me(either way it was continued at the review part any way) so here it is, my first Unboxing and Review of a Nerf Product, the Longstrike CS-6!

Opening the box you'll see lying inside are the main blaster, the (not) removable stock, a long barrel, a clip, 6 darts (cheapskates) and instructions.

The Nerf CS-6 LongStrike has got an awesome mixture of blue, yellow, orange and metal colors and digital camo scattered all throughout the blaster, a sweet color combination which started from the Nerf Raider and is really pleasant to the eye.

As with all other Nerf Blasters, you gotta really mod it to bring out it's maximum potential in Nerf wars, unless you plan on using it on kids, nephews, cousins, or just the annoying kid down the block, wait for that you need to modify it to shoot through patches of backyards and attach a sight to give him a headshot.

The Nerf Raider may not be one target for people who really want that sniper range as it uses a Reverse Plunger, but to me it doesn't matter as I've used a Nerf Recon in Nerf wars before and it's served me well...

Ammo-wise, the basic LongStrike set should have came with a bit more darts and 2 more clips in my opinion, as the single clip and 6 darts didn't add up to the clips that were supposed to be used on the blaster and the stock, which holds an additional clip that the Recon stock does.

The Nerf LongStrike is not one's choice in charging wars as the reloading process can take quite a few seconds, not really an ideal blaster if you're a charger. After firing off one dart, you're gonna have to wait for the bolt to 'settle down' before reloading again, if not it'll just jam for a few seconds. The LongStrike literally lives up to it's name as it's really meant to be fired at a distance before being able to fire again. You wouldn't want your blaster to jam in the middle of a charging war and get shot by an amateur.

It's a pretty good decision to not mod the blaster if you're playing against friends who just wanna have fun and you don't want to sent them to the hospital.

The Nerf LongStrike,with the Nerf Raider, are good blasters to have as they show just how much Nerf Blasters have evolved since their arrival on earth a few decades ago, the 1960s.

Overall I can easily recommend it to Nerf enthusiasts, snipers, long-ranged users and super-modders who can unleash it's full potential. For chargers I recommend either a Recon or a Raider equipped with a drum mag.

Remember: It's Nerf, or Nothin'

I think I just set the standard for Nerf Blasters/Guns Reviews, maybe it's just me, another user might have done better...

Do let me know what you guys think of it ^_^

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