Monday, February 7, 2011

Backup Complete! - Kamen Rider Kabuto: 'Adult' Kabuto Belt Review

It's finally here! The next back-up you guys were anticipating, the legendary 'Adult' Kabuto Belt *holy background tune plays*! First up I would like to apologize x10,000 as it was supposed to be up last Sunday, but...

Stuffs that happened which prevented me from uploading the review...

Sunday - Slept through midnight and forgot about it
Monday - Forgot about it
Tuesday - Someone jacked my memory off me = forgot about it
Wednesday - Chinese New Nyaa(Year) Day Zero AKA Eve
Thursday - Chinese New Year Day 1
Friday - Chinese New Year Day 2
Saturday - Gathering at Custom Workz headquarters plus writing blog post and watching Paranormal Activity 2... brrrr

...yep, that's pretty much what happened

Oh! And this new version was a bit shorter than the first as I fixed the long pause during the 'HENSHIN' sequence. Pardon me, that was my first, ten, thousand seconds with the software.

Don't forget to check out Custom Workz!

Post on the 'Adult' Kabuto Belt Modification Part... 1!
Post on the 'Adult' Kabuto Belt Modification Part... 2!

*Sasuke's Tipz - Click on the video player again to redirect to the video page and select your preferred quality in either 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p or even 1080p! That'll be five bucks for this tip.

Comment: Sh-Sh-Shiny~ Sh-Sh-Shiny Beruto~ *Drools*
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