Friday, February 25, 2011

24th February 2011 - Birthday Celebration for Arthur AKA KaizerAxl @ Custom Workz!

So yesterday was Kai's birthday, so by hook or by crook I had (no choice but) to destroy half of my school, go home, grab a change of clothes and went down to Custom Workz headquarters to celebrate his birthday...

On my way there I went pass a neighborhood bakery and was able to get this cake, along with his B'Day presents:

Magi Magi Magika~!
Joining the other prezzies that Kai got.
"Don't touch my cake!!!"
The first bite, one that all birthday kids taste and enjoy~.
Jerald: "Let's wait for him to get a bit closer to the cake, then we can..."
 Ankh then joined in the party, waiting to get his claws on the sweet cake... and he really did, until everyone pulled him away...
Ankh: "Mine, all mine!!!"
Ankh: "C'mon, just a bit closer..."
With that, Happy Birthday, Arthur~!

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