Saturday, January 1, 2011

Saying Sayonara to 2010 and Embracing 2011

Woke up today to find a long lost taste-bud sensation - a takeaway straight from Jalan Besar's Jian Dao Jian, after having that for breakfast/lunch and watching Man VS. Food on TLC, I went back to my room and fired up Night at The Museum for the doggy-like T-Rex.

This is just sooo cute~! I so didn't expected the T-Rex to be like this.
Oh and check out 'Happy New Nyaa' from 'Mayoi Neko Overrun!' as you read on:

After the movie I went out to the livin' room again for some MythBusters Action, MythBusters for the win!:

And by coincidently there was a slice of bread left, I decided to make a mix of nutella and Skippy's peanut butter to try out, and boy it was awesome! Because of the nutella's spread, there was 2 layers on the bread. Hmm... tasty...

Nothing like a cereal drink with a nutella and Skippy peanut butter mix on a bread on New Year's Eve
After MythBusters I went down to the pool area to snap a few shots of the trees that were covered with lights before the year was over:

If the lights around it were out it would so look like the constellations.
When I went back, Stephen Chow's 'The Flirting Scholar' was showing on Starhub Cable TV's 868 and I just had to check it out... yes, because Stephen Chow's in it...

When the movie had finished, I went back to my room once again to check up on my peeps, but once the clock had strike 11:30pm, I rushed to grab my clothes, bathe and went to my mom's place for some New Year Party~!

Apparently I was late for the countdown to the New Year... BUT I was not late for the party~! 'Let's party... party~'
Nothing like drinking booze while celebrating the New Year
Drinking booze is definitely one thing you can't miss out while celebrating. After quite sometime I went out to the main stage...

Superb lighting makes a great party spot.
 'Enough is enough' so I said as I went back and some of my uncle's god daughters cheered on me to sing some songs, imagine the look on my face as I browsed and saw some songs with I recognized:

I sang 'Loop-The-Loop', 'Everyday Sunshine Line!', 'only my railgun' and ' My Soul, Your Beats!' and trust me I sound like a friggin' girl when singing those songs. After singing I head back to another room where the fries were there and filled up my stomach.

By the way, my battle hat was sprayed with so much snow that it became 'battle-damaged'.

In the end I got kisses by a SUPER(and I do mean SUPER) hot babe and kissed her back, I'm not kidding here guys, hows that for a New Year Celebration?

I went back home with memories and kisses from today and continued 'Bedtime Stories' as I worked on this post, yes, while being drunk, I can't believe I can still type, I think I still need more booze to make me drunk.

So here's to a New Nyaa(Year) to all of my readers, Happy New Year!

By the way here's how I looked after going to my mom's place and getting drunk and kissed:

Sooo... once again Happy New Nyaa~!
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Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year!

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Happy New Year!

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