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The Outlaw of the Gundam Universe - Gundam Rogue Exia

On 13th January 2011, when night falls and the era of the vampires began, I started working and fooling around like the total amateur that I was on Jon's latest 1/100 Scale Master Grade Gundam Rogue Exia's pictures with a newly discovered software that I learned of from Gideon-Kun, whom by the way made the first and new official banner of the blog, a big shout-out to one of the awesome graphics media artist out there! Do check out his site if you haven't, by clinking on 'Gideon-Kun' ^_^

Oh and also congrats to both Gideon-Kun and Jon for having domain names for their sites!

So since last night was a lunch meetup with my schoolmates and my sensei and I was free today, I decided to pay Jon a visit showing him the edited/photoshoped versions, which he was pleased with em and was even surprised at a few of the shots, check em out!

*Note that the first of every picture are the originals and to show the differences. The pictures were taken approved by Jon after much discussion... and me pointing at him with the DiEnd Driver...

Starting out with a few lighting effects:

This was just me (again) messing around, a super mega ultra advance apology to Gundam Fans for the 'GN Particles' effect at the beginning as I already said, I'm an amateur, but I managed to 'perfect' the effects in the later shots.

 Here's where I went on a rampage due to caffeine overdose:

The sweet 'Gundam Trademark'

Worked around with the tools to give out a light trace effect:

Okay I'm 100% you Gundam Fans are hatin' on me right now and boiling with heat of up to 10,000 Celsius but lemme finish, don't be hasty and Alt + F4 on me... you're gonna miss it...

Okay so here's the best for last. I came today to Custom Workz prepared for a lot of criticism, as well as some constructive advice (unlike some people out there) from Saber, whose a Gundam Fan and also the one who asked Jon for the Paint Workz on his PG 1/60 Gundam 00 Raiser ~Metalic Gloss Version~. Through some ups and downs and more ups and downs, I finally came out of the 'algorithm' for the GN Particle Effects, so here they're for you kind Gundam Fans out there who stayed till the end:

If only there was a 'like button' just for this picture... *drools*
Saber, Jon and I were quite pleased with the two new photoshoped pictures seeing the GN Particles coming out from the GN Drives.

After the photoshop madness and some food, I then continued on the project of Jon's Gundam 00 Qan[T]. The video's done, the version we selected will be up on my YouTube Channel and the other versions will be uploaded on this blog sometime tomorrow so watch out for updates!

In the middle of working I decided to give Jon a lil' surprise as I showed him this that I was working on while editing the clips and shouted: "KINGSTONE FLASH!!!"

You can check out the post on the Kamen Rider Black costume over at Jon's blog just by clicking here!

I then continued on the editing as I had some quality time with a new addition to my collection:

"Coffee anyone?"
The versions of the finished project was done and I invited Jon for a first preview of em:
Waiting for the surprise to come... anytime now...
Then it was finally time to call it a day and go home, upload the videos and seriously call it a day. Once again do note that the videos will be up sometime tomorrow so keep a lookout for em! Ciaossu Minna-San~!
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