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The Fallen-Asleep-Guy's Recap: Rampage at Plaza Singapura!

Went to Plaza Singapura yesterday(yes, I said yesterday) with my classmates and my sensei to have some fishy lunch together at Manhattan Fish Market

Due to budget constraints we had to order their Chinese New Year Special: The 8 Treasure Platter, like what the name suggests, it consist of 8 different seafood treats in one. With just a while later they arrived at our table with a flamin' entrance:

"Burn fishes, Burn!!!"
Nah I'm just joking, but it did made me whip out my camera, as the flamin' entrances of each platter were awesome! I wonder if they can let me hold onto one of em blowtorches...


Did someone say something to freak out Mrs. Vivian or is it just me?
A group of the platters on standby for their journey. Their... short... journey...

Nothing like Vanilla Milkshake and Cream of Mushroom Soup to accompany the platter:

This guy's huge!

So hungry that I finished the soup before the main dish(es) arrived
One member of the team ordered Cream of Mushroom soup with... Chocolate Milkshake!

The Milkshakes are the bomb if you're headin' to Manhattan Fish Market as well, if you take a look at the scoop that I just took, those ice bits slowly melt into your mouth following by the sweet, luring taste. Hmmm... I remembered stepping into cloud nine the first time I tried that...

Either way onto close ups of the platter, just a few as everyone was tearin' into the platter I had to catch up:

Looked and tasted delicious, those were some high quality prepared dishes... *burp!*

After lunch, we used Eugene as a bait to keep Mrs. Vivian in the same spot while we went down and bought a Birthday Cake for her:

Wasn't the same cake but you get the point. Picture credit: Century Cafe.
It was then time for us to split into groups as some was headin' that way, some this way, some home...

Keshih, Prem and I then walked the calories off the lunch with some window (and not so window shopping). We went down to 77th Street where after quite a bit of window shopping turned into shopping and I got my first bling of the year 2011. See if you can spot it in the picture below.

77th Street: Where The Teen Trends Gather
 No? Well here it is close-up. Sweet eh? This guy caught my eye out of the many accessories in the shop.
A Vampire that wears a cross, how ironic...
By the way you can check out both Manhattan Fish Market's and 77th Street's Sites if you click on their names.

We then headed upstairs for some scene 'preciation and more photos as who knows when I'll head back there again...

A short intro to the 6th floor: The BEST floor in Plaza Singapura for collectors!!!

We hit Comics Connection on our way up so to give some of you guys who doesn't know 'bout it a lil' first look: (sorry 'bout the misalignments, Onore, Blogger!!!)

*Drools at the gaming headset*

We're finally here! The 6th Sense! I mean the 6th Floor! From right to left we have...:

I won't bored you with much description, for more info you guys can visit their sites by clicking on their names! 

Caesars - The swords lovers division. By the way they're selling replicas of anime swords/katanas/weapons as well! Including the Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts, Saya's (Blood +), Sephiroth's (Final Fantasy), Sasuke's (Naruto) and World of Warcraft's Frostmourne! Thinking of saving for Saya's Katana and Sephiroth's Masamune... a long way to go >.<ll

Unfortunately no pictures were allowed in the shop so please bear with the displays outside:

A knight guards the shop from intruders

Letter Openers, mini and not so mini versions of the weapons for display.

Toy Closets! No site available, sorry.

Movie Replicas! Same here T_T

"Gacha Gacha Gacha Pon Pon Pon~!"

Gaming Era! And here T_T

Toy Outpost! No site available here too... And...

Simply Toys! Replicas from Star Wars, Iron Man, Alien, Predator, you name it. 

Most of the shops pretty much says what they're, I just wanted to extend a bit on Caesars and Simply Toys because they've got some awesome stuff going around in their shops. Do check out Plaza Singapura if you haven't and the shops too, it's just a few steps from Dhoby Ghaut Mrt (Red/Purple Line) and accessible with SBS Services 7, 12, 16, 36, 65, 85, 106, 174, 502, 512, 518, Nite Owl 65, 
Nite Owl 85, SN 10, SN30, 14, 77, 111, 124, 139, 167, 175, 190, 518, 602, 605, 700, 700A, SN10, SN30, NR6 and NR7. 

That's it for the 6th floor, oh and there's an arcade and Golden Village is present too! We just hit the arcades a while for some racing and shooting games and called it a day. I went back with a new bling and bought a few drinks for Chinese New Year and seeing my camera still had some juice left, I decided to mess around with em:

Pyramid of Chrysanthemum Tea 
 The truth behind the built (well not really)

"Yo dawgs, for how long more do we have to do this?"
I headed back to my room to start work on some pictures and this post but before I knew it, I fell asleep on the job, only to find myself awake 8 hours later. Good thing my memories don't reset themselves each day >.<ll

That's it for this time round of blogging madness, working on the second post which was supposed to be up today... Ciao guys!
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