Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ever Wondered what Jobs I hold in Custom Workz?

Sometimes I always wonder what Jobs that have been 'thrown' at me in the Rider-Kill-Rider world under Custom Workz. Since today was my day off from The School Of Hell [T.S.C.H.], I decided to make my way down to Custom Workz to 'welcome' Jon back to Singapore and also to film his latest 1/100 Master Grade Gundam Qan[T] from Kidou Senshi Gundam 00. Not because I was bored and needed something to pass the time, but because it was f-*beep!* awesome!

How's that for a thief getup?
I rushed down after my first and only meal of the day with my Alienware m11x, Canon Legria HF M31, Seven and my DiEnd Driver slotted in my pants' right pocket for easy access for later (yes I did go onto the bus like that ^).

When I reached just before the shop I readied the DiEnd Driver on my right hand, counted down and...


Apparently I came at the wrong time and slowly went to the sofa silently, awkward~

After a few things were settled we then prepared for the filming, killing anyone who stood in our way. I also took some awesome shots of Qan[T] as we moved onto different poses:

In case you were wondering why he acted that way...
Probably the best shot that came from both our cameras.
Seven went into Active Mode in the middle of the photo taking session and joined Qan[T] for some action.

"Let's do the Robot Dance!"
"You shake it to the left..."

"You shake it to the right!"

In case you didn't managed to, you can check out the post on Gundam Qan[T] over at Jon's blog.

The tribute video slideshow's a work in progress and will be coming to a channel near you ^_^

After the media stuffs, I showed Jon's 'Bite Me!', it's one epic fanfilm that every zombie-fanatic/zombie game-fans must watch and also one that HAS to be made into a tv-series or even the big-screen. We ended up laughing our guts out watch all 5 episodes of season, never gets tired of watching it (I'm watching em right now as I'm writing this post).

I took the chance to ask Jon afterwards to sell me his Night Vision Goggles that came with 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II' (because I felt my love for it came out after watching 'Bite Me!') , he didn't wanna surrender it and a war broke out in the shop. I ended up victorious (and a few bruises) with my trophy:

*Scratched Disc Sounds*

Okay, nothing of that happened, we just talked over the price, I handed over the cash, he handed over the goggles and fished for the mannequin head. No blood, no tears, no body parts, sorry.

After dinner I then gave Jon some tips on his blog that I've learned from Danny Choo and bloggers out there and even tweaked his blog for some color combi attack as well as introducing him to a few blog widgets that I thought that he would need and boy he sure needed em. A lot of changes were made and both of us were happy with the changes, do check it out if you haven't.

He was happy with his blog 'Version 2011' and I was happy with a new addition for my collection, sweet.

At one point a drunken dude came and puked in front of the shop, Jon was like: "What the f***! Walk a bit longer before doing your business pal!". I decided to make a joke out of that experience...

A drunken guy came to our shop and puked in front of it.

Jon: "What the f***! Walk a bit longer before doing your business pal!"
Me: "Thank god he didn't came and did this." *Unzip pants*
Jon: "If he did I would remove his penis."

Another drunken guy comes over and starts to unzip his pants in front of the shop.

Staring at Jon, I said: "You know what to do..."

We then ended the day with some sayonara, a bit of chatting and then went on our way back *phew* what a day...

Yeow, a few of this, a bit of that, mostly this. So how many jobs do you think have been thrown at me? *Laughs*

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I like your sign out quote!
Boku no jinsei, boku no monogatari.. XD
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SasukeKenzan said...

Thanks! It was something I just randomly thought of and I'm glad you liked it ^_^

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