Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sushi at Nihon Mura Kaiten Sushi

Went to Nihon Mura Kaiten Sushi [Balestier Shaw Plaza Branch] today for some oishi sushi buffet lunch with my mom after getting some books and er, new school uniforms for the new year, got the fact that I've lost some weight during the December holidays to blame...
The chefs and waitresses greeted us with 'Irasshaimase' as we went in, it would have been so epic if they went: 'IrasshaimaSE!' just like how Yuichi Nakamura (Sakurai Yuuto from Kamen Rider Den-O) as Akio Asakura did during that scene at the petrol station in Wangan Midnight The Movie (2009).

Nothing like some Green Tea while waiting for the sushi-tachi to arrive.
First to arrive at the table was a plate with a variety of fresh Sakana, not my interest though...

"An appetizer and more sushi-tachi have appeared!"

No Chicken beats Glazed Chicken served at a Japanese Restaurant.

More sushi-tachi join in the party. The other plates started coming one after another after this.

The sushi-tachi cuddle with fear as a plate filled with ebi-fries and tempuras landed on the table.
Ebi-fries + Tempuras Combi:"We come in peace..."
Sushi-tachi:"Yeah, but you're gonna go in pieces."*stares at Sasuke*


Another plate filled with one order of gyozas, 2 orders of potato croquettes and 2 orders of takoyakis also landed on the table, should have ordered one each, couldn't finish the whole plate @_@

The croquettes had a pretty awesome taste, they were semi-hard on the outside and soft from inside. From each bite I could feel the potato slowly melting in my mouth and the taste soon followed, a must try.
*Starts to drool while typing*
"Oh c'mon! I just ate several hours ago!"
The takoyakis each were covered with so much bonito flakes that at a first glance you can't tell that they were actually takoyakis...
The taste was something similar to what you get from takoyaki stands but with a unique flavor, you really have to taste it yourself to find out.
Newly bred of sushi-tachi entered the playing field, I must say that they correctly used chicken floss for this as:
Chicken Floss + Sushi = Win
Twin crispy goodness served on a place, take a look at how the chef prepares the two, this is art you can eat... without stomachache.

For dessert I ordered a choco ice-cream, assorted mochi-tachi(one was eaten by my mom before I could stop her, gomen) and a mini dorayaki? Well it was a buffet menu afterall...

As we had to leave quick, I had to finish off the dorayaki and the two remaining mochi-tachis in a flash. I snuck off with the choco ice-cream behind my back...

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You can find Nihon Mura Kaiten Sushi's Balestier Branch at #04-01 at Shaw Plaza, Balestier.

After the huge meal and a round of shopping at Fairprice at B1, we went back with food, books, clothes and a full stomach each. I then prepared for a trip to Jon's place over at Custom Workz.

At that time when I left my place, it was 'round 6pm and SBS bus service 145 was cramped. So not wanting to waste my cash just to be squashed in the bus for 20 minutes, I walked from my place to Golden Mile Tower for 'bout 40 minutes, hows that for a after-lunch workout?

When I reached Custom Workz, Eugene had brought his S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Double(W) CycloneJoker, Kamen Rider Decade Complete Form and Kamen Rider Kiva Emperor Form and had asked me to pose Decade and Kiva for their Final Attack Ride Combi Attack, I took the chance to snap some photos of the two seeing my Motorola Milestone XT720 still had (some) juice in it.


[Cameo Alert] "Hey look, it's Jon!"
[ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED]: "Snap a picture of Jon without him noticing"

Meanwhile, back at Custom Workz...
Seven:"Oy~! Buddy! This is not funny, I repeat, this is not funny!"
*Transforms into Active mode*
Seven: "Buddy!!!"

It seems that I've forgotten about my S.O.C. Phone Braver 7 and he started searching for me...

After having a couple of drinks for dinner it was time to say sayonara to Jon and Eugene, and I upped my metabolism some more by walking from Custom Workz back to my place as a precaution, I don't wanna 'wake up 400 pounds one day' ^_^ll

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